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Specialise in SIl Accommodation

Specialise in SIl Accommodation

SIL stands for supported independent living, which is health care that helps participants live independently and conveniently. SIL is a way that enables people to improve their life skills and quality of life. If you’re looking for the same assistance, comfort health services can be beneficial for the complete development and well-being of the participants. 


At Comfort Health, we offer a host of accommodation and shared living options for specially-abled people. Aside from the best SIL accommodations, we are here to provide a set of activities and programs that will help our clients learn new skills and help improve their social skills. 


We strive to provide the perfect “home away from home” of which can help our clients empower their life without any hassle or inconvenience. When people stay at the best accommodations offered by our team, they receive special and often commendable care from our team members.